Gods Stewards

Rev. Dr John Phillip

So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness,faith,love,and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

List down 5 qualities that you need your partner to have.

Its important to not skip any step from 1 to 7:

1. Acquaintances- somebody that you met for the 1st time.

2. Casual friends- a friend that you meet once/twice in a while.

3. Close friends- somebody you have picked out of the many friends. (You know the uncle, the siblings,aunts and other family members).

4. Romantic Relationship- It comes from your close friend.

5. Engagement - a formal engagement (tell your friends, your parents)

6. Marriage

7. Family

What stage are u @?

Brothers let's give our sisters time to let God fix their identity in Christ b4 making our move ey and you sisters please don't lead them brothers on ey.Let's also not fall in love b4 our identity is fixed as brothers and sisters(let God deal with your weaknesses or confusion b4 falling in love). I think this is one of the reasons why Christians divorce, its good our identity in Christ is fixed before marriage. Let's give each other time to have our own Jesus encounters b4 falling in love.

One other mistake we shouldn't make is, trying to flee from our sexual immorality (lust;porn,masturbation,fornication, flirting) by getting married. Thats just a lie from the enemy, if you can't let God deal with it now, it will continue while you are married.

Brothers in Christ, let's be established in our finances/source of income b4 thinking of marriage, we need to take care of our sisters (Yes the just shall live by faith,but faith without works is dead :D). But sisters, know that a charming guy with a lot of cash but not God fearing is not good for you cause they may pretend to love God just to marry you, then you will see the real deal after marriage.Remember your identity in Christ is the first thing to fix.

Guest ; Pastor Solomon Tshiping

1. Enjoying your Singleness

Single; as you are , you are complete.
Before thinking about a partner, first identify yourself/ who you are.
Have a Relationship with yourself before bringing somebody into your life. And the relationship with God, then the presence of God will help you understand who you are.
Eden- means the presence of God.
The word of God is the standard.

For you to know who you are;
-Understand your spiritual nature
-Understand your character ( allow God to work in this character)
All things has passed away, but there is what is called the old nature/sin nature, it will always come back, but you got authority over it only if you know your spiritual nature.
You can only put your old nature under subjection if you have understood your spiritual nature.

Soul- mind ( it cannot be born again but rather be renewed).
Therefore feed your mind with the things of God cause its important to work in your character. Ask yourself whether you are mr right b4 looking for Mrs right...
God created Adam first before Eve for a reason, to have a relationship with Adam first b4 Adam's Mrs right came and for Adam to first know himself.
Things that i need in my life, for me to be fulfilled, are hidden in my life partner and vise versa.(this applies to those who see themselves married).

If i was to look for my missing rib, i must undergo a process that is called the presence of God/ understanding my spiritual nature. (The time Adam was put to sleep).

Challenge; ask yourself whether what you like about your partner wont fade. ie, if its beauty what if the individual go thru an accident and their body gets deformed, will you still be committed? If its cash, what if they remain poor?
Physical things are just a bonus.

You need to be independent b4 a life partner. Do not arouse love before its time.

2. After all this, whats next? Now you can choose a life partner.

Don't go and say "God showed me..., God said this and that?"
Take your time and let God order your steps and He will give you eyes to see, then go present your case without hiding behind God, present your case cause God is ordering your steps.
Its important to be friends first, so you could know each other well (dating). But don't date the whole church, and by the way, the intension of dating has to be MARRIAGE.
Being friends will enable the two of you to build a strong foundation cause thats the time for correcting each other, adjusting, so that the two of you will see things the same way. Its important to see things the same way of you are in love, there is no, I but its now US.

When a guy says he loves you as a lady,don't be in a rush to go discuss it with your friends, but ask God about it first.
When you are in a relationship, you must protect yourself because people are watching. So has to point people to God, not mock God.

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. (Proverbs 25:28 KJV)
If you don't have boundaries in a relationship, or ground rules like, no kissing, not touching, don't touch my breasts... The relationship wont be protected.

If you had sex b4 marriage, it may result in not trusting your partner as you may think they may do it again with different people.
After agreeing on being in love, you gotta know the time you are planning to get married.
If the time is not set, there is something wrong.
Tell pastor,elders in the church, family( the one you always share things with).
Marriage is not only about making love, what if an accident paralyses your life partner?

Know that love is a choice, not a feeling. You choose to love and you have to be able to stand for that choice!
If you base your love on feelings, your love life will be fluctuating.
Before getting married, keep your body pure and don't defile marriage bed.

AND REMEMBER, YOU WONT FIND THAT INDIVIDUAL PERFECT, so you need to compliment each other.
Do you really love that person or their beauty,body,swag,money...? Love that person because you love them, not whats around that person.

NB: Don't while away time with someone (flirting) while still waiting for you life partner.

And for those who want to get married, hang around people who are married, those who talk about marriage most often. It will help you know what you are about to get into, your agemates who are not married won't help much since they don't know challenges faced by married people.

Paul C. Kaseke
Just because they are good and go to
church doesn’t mean that they are for
you. We have this problem of thinking
that the right girl/guy for us as believers
is the one who dresses decently, goes to
church, is a prayer warrior and someone
who loves God, but this isn’t the case. In
fact, we stumble by just going for any
church brother/sister and cause
ourselves to fall because we have grown
to have this mentality, but truth of the
matter is that God gives us partners
because He knows better. Here is proof:
when we choose a partner for ourselves,
we choose someone who rocks our world,
we choose someone who makes us feel
more than special and feel butterflies in
our tummies, but then we choose based
on how we feel ONLY AT THAT
MOMENT. Then when time flies we begin
to see that those butterflies are long
gone now, we no longer feel as special
and our world isn’t being rocked no
more. Is it because the person is bad in
any way, no, THEY ARE GOOD BUT NOT
When God chooses a partner for you, He
chooses based on your future, on where
you are going, unlike us, He doesn’t
choose who can just handle our present
no, but He chooses someone who can
handle our FUTURE. If your future is too
big for that person then when it arrives
the two of you won’t survive, they might
have been good when you got them but
then are they going to be good when you
get to where you are going? You have a
destiny that even you don’t know of, but
God knows it, which is why it says a
good wife comes from the Lord. So who
are you going to trust to choose a
partner for you, yourself that is usually
fooled by the present situation or God
that really knows where you are and
where you are going? I choose to wait on
God and let Him choose a woman fit for
the King I am born to be, the Queen who
is going to complement the King in me,
who can handle the destiny that God has
pre-destined for me.

A prayer that I prayed recently, hehe, a friend of mine shared it with me;

God please close the door so that no girl/woman will approach me and that you close my eyes and feelings so that I am not attracted to any girl/woman until the time you want me to be married. Please help me by your grace to not entice any sexual immorality (lust) so I may stay pure b4 you, help me know how to surrender and have self control over my hormones. I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen :-).