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Alright guy's this page gives you free rain to post ANYTHING automotive related for sale, free, feeler or want to buy!

Post must include: Make, model, year, engine, trans, miles, mods, price, and location and any other information that is relevant to the sale of the vehicle. With the new selling feature, all of this stuff should automatically be included in the post.

Posts will be deleted without warning if your post does not include both price and location. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL!!

Be respectful to other members. Use of homophobic, racial, or sexual jokes or otherwise offensive memes will result in a removal from this page.

If you do not like a post, keep scrolling. The op's do not want you going on their posts and telling them that something is too expensive, or fake.

If you DO NOT plan on buying the car, DO NOT comment on the post. Plain and simple. There is no toleration for bashing and cutting people down. No warnings will be given.

Instant bans will be issued for anyone breaking these rules. Bans here are not monitored, so if you do get removed, you will not be allowed back.