Electrochemistry Sound


Electrochemistry Sound An experimental... project with the most intimate musical expression about more artists. A stream of sound effects and voice in Experimental, Avant Garde, Electronic, Minimal, Ethereal, Ambient Dark,Gothic genres, where each artist present his work which in turn is interpreted, manipulated, distorted , remixed by other project components. Stripped our sound to see emotions and ispirations that create to other artists. Just an electrochemical sound exchange. An emblematic contemporary album with a narrative logic and emotional structure, although without even approaching to sensationalism. An harmonic castle that houses the signature of each of us. Music for brain, not for heart,but with some startled to heart. All with the multimedial video part.


As explained in the previous section to be neither Electrochemistry Sound Project, initially just send a own track with its Wav single track so the other Team Artists con work on it.Being a mutual project, to each new Artist will be sent a new track with its Wav single tracks to work on it by one of the Team Artists.