Godmanchester Marketplace

A place to buy, sell and provide services in Godmanchester. For use by individuals and local businesses/ services:) Company reps and businesses from further afield (Cambridge, Peterborough etc) will be rejected. Local businesses from Godmanchester, Huntingdon and the surrounding villages are more than welcome :)

There are only a few rules- primarily to use a little common sense to allow this group to be used to its full potential by everyone. If you don't follow the rules, you will receive a gentle reminder and if you continue, will be removed from the group.

*Please don't keep re-posting (for services being advertised in particular)- simply bump your initial post- otherwise, the page is filled with duplicate posts. As and when you do repost (eg, to run a Christmas offer), please ensure that you delete the previous post first.
*You are only allowed to bump your posts once every 24 hours after posting initially.
*If you have multiple items, put them in an album (this is not the same as a post with multiple individual photos) rather than posting each item individually.
*Max 3 posts per person at a time-this could be 3 albums (eg, one with clothes,one with toys and one with house bits) or 3 individual items or a mix of both but avoids the current trend of some people have 20+ seperate posts, often for the same service etc.
*Please delete your posts once the items have sold/ your advertised event has passed (if you can't delete it, mark it as 'sold' and I will delete it).

These rules leave the page clearer, makes it easier to find items and also prevents a single person's posts filling the entire page instantly.

Hope that makes sense,

Thanks:) x