FB Iskandar Malaysia Upmarket Properties

This group is dedicated to information sharing on luxury properties (Properties selling >RM1m) in Iskandar Malaysia

To advertise in this group:
1) Pls like our FB page https://www.facebook.com/boonpropertysolutions .
2) Pls add to this group 50 of your FB friends who you think might have an interest in Iskandar Malaysia luxury properties or might be benefited from the valuable information shared in this group.
3) Our system will tracked those who have completed step 1 and step 2 and AUTOMATICALLY grant them the right to post up to 50 advertisements daily.
4) A higher Daily Posting Quota (DPQ) will be granted to those who have added more than 50 members to this group. The higher DPQ is in direct proportion to the quantity of members an advertiser has added to the group. For example, if he added 100 members, he would be allowed to post up to 100 ads daily; if he added 500 members, he would be allowed to post up to 500 ads daily

To ensure useful sharing of information, only property related ads are allowed in this group. Advertisers posting non-property ads or abusive information/graphics will be removed permanently.