Community Share Garden At Double Gum Tree Farm

Promoting healthy living and community involvement through growing food in a shared space located on north fork drive. Fertile, alluvial soils, ditch water, 1000 square feet with deer fencing and four hundred square feet of raised gopher proof beds already constructed bring limitless potential for creativity and education, not to mention organic produce. Goals besides growing food include: strengthening community, sharing knowledge, involving our local school, offering healthy food at our local food bank, cooking together, sharing recipes, personal growth and satisfaction, and hosting a weekly happy hour in the garden complete with seasonal dishes.

Members have many options for involvement, and any involvement is welcome.

If you would like to participate in building community ties through this opportunity, an open house will be held Sunday, July 28th at 6:00 pm at Double Gum Tree Farm. RSVP if you would like directions.