Group Fitness at Cumnock Hall. WEE!

Who are we?
A group of students and alumni who are passionate about being active! However, we are all at different levels of fitness and accept everyone willing to come.

When and where do we meet?
Cumnock Hall at 7:30 pm on Monday evenings.

What do we do?
Each Monday will look a little different, but our hope is to incorporate different exercises to engage all parts of the body from circuit training to sprints and hopefully throw in sports ;)

Why are we doing this?
Better yet, why didn't we start sooner?!

How much does it cost?
Nada. Just come and bring a friend if you'd like. We'd love to meet you!

Do you have to be "good at working out?"
Nope, but a willingness to grow and learn is much appreciated and desired!

Hope to see you all soon! :)