Talking about anything IH related.

Let's try to keep it clean in here and show some respect for others.
We all realize that peoples spelling isn't perfect and that's no reason to show disrespect to them..but in the same token...Please take a few seconds and look over for mistakes...it will save you grief in the long run...plus no one will take you seriously either.

We ask you to refrain from swearing....especially the F-bomb....if we see you use it ...we will ask you to stop..if you continue you most likely will get hit with the banhammer.

If someone has a problem with someone else.....please take it to your messenger so we don't all have to see the trainwreck.

Afterall...we are all supposed to be here for the same reason...to look at, discuss and ask questions about IH items. Not everyone has the same experience with things. Everyone has to start somewhere...some just took longer.

All we ask as Administers is for everyone to have fun....be kind and respect others. If you have any problems or questions be feel free to message one of us.

Thank You

Larry Burchett, Chris Swanny Kurt, Tim Malin, Mark Larson, Robin Rye and Matt Sheaffer