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An Honest, Direct Straight to the point group for Hypnotherapists, Stage & Street Hypnotists, Magicians and Mentalists who use Hypnosis and indeed anyone sincerely interested in Hypnotism.

The aim is for members to share advice, techniques, experiences and real world insights to help other members of the group and each other to achieve True Hypnotic Success.

Although I Alex William Smith aka Controversial Hypnotist & Hypnosis Trainer Jonathan Royle am in a position to moderate/delete postings, in truth I only ever intend to if something of a Defamatory or illegal nature is posted.

Please be respectful that people will have differing opinions, viewpoints and experiences.

Although Sensible Constructive Conversation is the main aim of this group, Heated debate is allowed on condition that it does not resort to childish or vindictive name calling or to people posting unfounded allegations about others.

Lets keep this a friendly and fun place to be whilst all helping each other to grow further as Hypnotists.

Please also only upload photographs, articles, videos etc that you have Legal Copyright on, you are responsible for your own actions, although we would encourage those who wish to share books etc that they have written and have copyright upon and legal right to share to do so in the files section of the group.

NOTE = I have made this a "Closed Group" so only members can see what each other has posted and thus the general public at large will not be able to see what we post.

POSSIBLE APOLOGY - If you have been added to this group by either myself or another member and would prefer not to be here, then please accept my apology on behalf of whoever added you, who will only have added you as they truly believed you had an interest in one of the subjects this group discusses and could benefit from being a member.

You can of course freely choose to leave the group at anytime.

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Then on left hand side of page click "Notifications"

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