Army Security Agency Political Comment Group

The Army Security Agency Political Comment Group was created find creative ways to voice our personal political views. Let’s face it we all have them and we need an outlet to voice them. We hope that you will post articles that demonstrate the egregiousness of the press, your personal political rants and raves, ets. However, one important thing I want you to remember; we are ASA, brothers and sisters friends of a unique and proud organization and there is no reason to degrade ones who have opposing views but there is room for opposing debate and we must obey the guidelines set forth by Facebook (! Remember no thin skin, and no name calling or mother jokes. Otherwise all (almost all) is fair game. Please be civil, we are ASA, intelligent, let’s behave as such.
To become a member of this group you must be a member of the ASA Group! Before being admitted to The Army Security Agency Political Comment Group your membership will be cross checked they the Army Security Agency Group then you will be admitted.
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Membership in this group is controlled, therefore, before acceptance, each applicants Facebook messaging must be enabled to allow verification of MOS, training location, and assignments.

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