Welcome to the XBOX & PLAYSTATION GAMES SWAP selling page

This is a page to sell or swap your unwanted games consoles and accessories in the North Lincolnshire area. We are a fast growing page with over 1000 members now !!!! So this is definitely the place to get yourself a bargain or offload some of your old games and consoles.

A few site rules to follow :

1. This is a gaming page please do not post anything else u have for sale
2. No trolling yes we all see posts where some one wants £20 for a game that's £2.50 in cex but that's up to them if your not interested in buying just ignore. We want this to be a friendly community.

Pinned posts - a pinned post is a post that is always at the top of the group page it's the first item anyone sees when they enter our group page. So for the price of £2.50 we will pin any post under £40 for items over £40 it will be £4.50 all pinned posts will stay pinned for 1 week unless sold earlier. This could be the best way to get something sold.

Use the search button (magnifier icon) please.

Admins will take no responsibility for anything bought or sold on this Facebook Group.
ADMIN - Bart Swierkowski