Goldfields Carers United

This group is for the carers living in the Goldfields as an online support group.

Members are given approval to join by giving a brief explanation of their caring circumstances.

Membership is subject to agreeing to abide by the Rules of Posting and Conditions of use.

Membership is open to mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers and siblings that are in a caring role.

Please feel free to write any suggestions, ideas, stories, ask questions.

This group is constantly monitored to keep things nice and calm for all members.

No swearing will be tolerated, or negativity towards other members, or service providers!

Admin will not be held responsible for any negative comments made by members, any comments as seen such will be deleted, at the admins discretion.

Please feel free to add photos and information about you and your family that you are comfortable to share with in this group, at no time should personal information be shared out side of this group with anybody who is not a member.

The group is closed to help insure the safety of photos of our children and also there maybe some questions on here that have the expectation of a certain level of privacy and are confident or private.

~Admins are as follows should any issues or questions arise, please do not hesitate to pm either of us~

Christiane Hodgson
Bec Cooper
Bev Ireland
Tamara Robson

Email: [email protected]