Golden State Gay Rodeo Association - Bay Area Chapter

The Bay Area Chapter is one of several gay rodeo chapters in the state of California which are all organized under the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association (GSGRA). GSGRA in turn is governed by the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA).

The Bay Area Chapter of GSGRA is a non-profit, charitable, and social organization that provides support to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

The focus of our chapter is to be an active part of the LGBT community through the hosting of fund-raising events to benefit local charities and to educate others on the country-western lifestyle through Rodeo, Dance Events, and Royalty.

Membership is not restricted and all who are interested are welcome to join. Current membership consists of experienced individuals that have horses and individuals with nothing more than a desire to learn. Those individuals with a desire to compete may do so at any of the various IGRA rodeos.

So, whatever your level of experience, we'd love to meet and talk with you. If you have any questions, just grab one of us and ask. Hope to see you at the rodeo!

This particular group is an ADDITIONAL, unofficial means of promoting the GSGRA Bay Area Chapter's events and social dialogue among people on Facebook and is NOT intended to replace any of the official sites of the IGRA, GSGRA or individual chapters.