Groton/Dunstable Trading Post

This group is for people in and around Groton/Dunstable, MA area to buy, sell, give or barter new and used items.

IF SELLING/BARTERING include: description, photo, price.

IF BUYING include: description of what you're looking for. Others will contact you if they're interested. You can then swap email/cell to organize transaction.

BASIC COMMON SENSE & RESPECT TO SELLERS & BUYERS SHOULD AVOID MOST COMPLICATIONS, however here are some guidelines to help everything go smoothly:

Out of courtesy, we work on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Has to be whoever responds 1st on GD Trading Post because otherwise there's no way for others to know it's no longer available. Order of who responds directly under the item, even to ask what color or size it is, has 1st dibs, next person has 2nd, etc. If you accept an offer, item must be reserved for that person until transaction is made. It is best to complete transactions as quickly as possible. Person interested has 24 hrs. to get back to you, if they don't, you can move on to next person interested. NO BIDDING! But you may choose to accept only asking price without negotiation.

POSTING ON MULTIPLE SITES: We understand cross-posting, but if the item is PPU (pending pick up) on another site, please remove from our site. Even if it means you may end up re-posting. Just makes it fair. If you cross-post, it helps if you note that in description.

"BUMPING": "bump" brings item to top again. Please allow 24 hrs. before you bump. Common courtesy for bumping too many items so you don't bury other's posts!

If you can't make your appointment, please be respectful & let the person know you need to postpone or cancel.

please DELETE your post.

Happy buying, selling & bartering! Hope you find GD Trading Post helpful and useful!