Kitsap Lost & Found Pet Search

This site was created to help local pet lovers in the Kitsap area find a lost pet's owner or an owner's lost pet(s).


**If you have FOUND or LOST a pet, PLEASE notify and log a found report with the Kitsap Humane Society at This is the very first place people will check for their pets!!! (The KHS is a no-kill shelter. They do NOT euthanize do to space limitations.)

**Please do not post animals for sale here or post your pet business. This is a strictly LOST/FOUND pet posting. All other posts will be removed.

**Please KEEP KITSAP COUNTY PETS AS THE PRIORITY OF THIS SITE. This page was created to help Kitsap County residents to find their pets. Please do not post about out of county pets or pets whom you don't personally know. The people who have animals that are local, their posts are being pushed to the bottom when this happens.

**Only post if you are the owner(s) or friends of the owner(s). Posts outside of Kitsap County will be removed. This will help keep missing pets in our area on the TOP of the feed so their posts can be seen first.

**Please do not use bad or slanderous language in your post(s) or they will be removed, as will rants (please reserve that to your personal pages and personal messages). ;)

**Please do not post advice as the main topic of your post. If you're posting on this page, it should be about a specific pet or animal that you personally know. (It may actually be some great advice, but again, this is not the place for that. ;) ) This is strictly for Kitsap's Lost and Found Pets and members of this group. Again, this is all so that lost/found posts will be seen at the top of the feed.

**If you have several photos: Click on "PHOTOS", "UPLOAD PHOTOS". Select your photos. Then click on "EDIT ALBUM" and label it with your name. Add details to each photo by editing the individual photo. Your photos will show up at the top of the page where others can view them in one spot.

**Please do not give out your personal information. If you need to get in contact with someone, personal message (PM) them on Facebook.Have those who may have your pet to contact you through your Facebook page using PM. Do not arrange a meeting unless you are able to bring a friend or family member along or let someone else know the address you are going and the name of the person, for safety's sake.

**When going to pick up your found pet, bring pictures of the pet to show the person who found it, so that you can verify you are in fact the owner. (The person who found it will know the pet is going to the correct family and will feel more comfortable handing over the animal.)

**Once your pet has been found, let us know how it happened! Others may be able to learn from your experiences. (I will delete the post one week after an animal was found.)

Many prayers on finding your missing pet! They are like members of the family. :')