Cheadle Mums' Social- Sales, Swaps, Freebies or Wanteds!

Welcome to Cheadle Mums Selling Page. We have 8 simple rules:

1. Every post needs ONE photo, an HONEST description, location and price. No catalogue photos. No albums. No 'make me an offer'. No 'are you interested in'.

2. First to comment in any form, (not tagging) gets first refusal. All
comments to be kept on the board. PM only used for exchanging addresses and organising collection.
admins advise 12hrs to await a response as not everyone is online all day due to work/ family commitments etc or phones could be out of charge etc . If the potential buyer says they cannot check until after the 12 hours then its up to the seller

3. NO business ads, fake goods, animals, food items, adult only posts or alcohol.

4. After 24hrs you can BUMP your item up the board, DO NOT REPOST. You can bump up to 5x, if not sold then please remove.

5. Once an item is collected please delete using your activity log or comment 'please delete' and admin will do it for you.

6.COMMUNICATE... stay in touch, any problem let members know. Don't let people down. If you have to rearrange upto a third time then the buyer has a right to sell on. We remove people who mess others around...2 strikes and your out.

7. Unsuitable items, comments or posts will be deleted. Any posts over 6 wks old will also be deleted.

10. Do not buy an item or get for free to then sell on for a profit. It goes against everything this page stands for

9. There is ZERO TOLERANCE towards anyone making abusive or offensive comments. Any member showing disrespect or abuse to admin or other members of the group will be removed immediately.

We are a friendly community of like minded people, not just mums :+), who want to sell and buy secondhand goods (used/unused) in a friendly and safe way. Initially the group was started by CHEADLE MUMS SOCIAL. It has now expanded beyond Cheadle but we aim to keep the ethos true to our origins. Our core values are based around friendliness and a sense of community.

DISCLAIMER: This page /admin will not be held accountable for any misconduct. We run this page on a purely recreational basis and make no gain financial or otherwise.

IMPORTANT: BUYER MUST ALWAYS BEWARE. CHECK THINGS BEFORE YOU HAND MONEY OVER. e.g Ask to see items working etc Please bear in mind that we don't have any "powers" to award refunds and can't conduct public trials and inquiries. Admin is here to facilitate transactions by answering queries to the best of our abilities. Let's try to keep things as friendly as possible. If in doubt just ask. We are a friendly group and don't bite.. Lets keep it that way. Thanks ADMIN.
Admins are: myself, Sarah Davies, Lucy Ann Wallis, Nikki Parry, Jane Keogh & Simone Callaghan