Barry/Ionia County Online Sales

I created this group for Barry and Ionia County.
Admin:Lindsey Gonser

Here are the rules:
1) NO DRAMA! If you have an issue with someone or something inbox admin. with details and I will take care of it.
2)If you have more than 6 pictures please post your pictures in an album.
3)Please keep bumping to 1 time a day so people get a chance to see other posts.
4)The first person to comment interested is who the item goes to unless they pass. Don't skip over people!
5)No guns are to be sold on this group.
6)If someone comments interested give them 12 hours to confirm they are still interested before moving on to the next person.
7)No shows WILL NOT be tolerated.. let me know if you have a problem with someone not showing. I will take care of it appropriately.
8)If you can't make it to a meet that you have set up make sure to contact the person you were supposed to meet. Let know them atleast 2 hours before the meeting time.
9)People who post spam will automatically be deleted. If you see something that looks suspicious please contact admin.
10)You may post links to other groups.

I'm hoping this site succeeds and can work out! Feel free to post the link for this site or add people..the more members the better! Happy selling, trading and buying :)