In Memory of Derek Lee Point

We have created this site for 2 reasons. One is to honor the memory of our late Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin and Friend, Derek Lee Point who tragically and prematurely passed away on December 15th 2007. The other is to reach out to those that knew Derek to appeal for assistance in finding his children.

In the past year we have reached out to anyone that we are aware of that may know the identity and whereabouts of his Children. What we know to date is that the mother and children at one time lived within Musqueam’s Salish Sub-division. We think that the mother and children may have relocated to the Toronto area or may still be living in Vancouver.

From those that we have spoken to we believe that Derek fathered 2 children to the same mother. We believe that there is a boy by the name of FRANCIS and a younger daughter of which we do not know the name.

To the mother of the children: Please know that we are looking for Derek’s children only to let them know that they have Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that are here to love them. We do not want to take the children from their mother; we only want to have a normal family relationship with the children and their mother, a chance to meet them and love them. As children of a Native Indian the children are also entitled to many benefits, we want to do everything we can to ensure that they get all they are entitled to as Native Indians.

Please, if anyone knows anything about Derek’s children let us know. We loved Derek and his unexpected passing has left us with an emotional void.

Thanks on behalf of Myrtle (Bun) Mckay, David Point Sr. and Derek's brothers and sisters