Elk Grove Kids Swap - Buy, Sell, Trade! All things baby and kids related!


NO SPAMMING - any spam posters will be deleted immediately and removed from the group.


In order to participate in this group, you must follow the rules as posted below:

1. Be courteous of others, do the golden rule *treat others the way you'd like to be treated*.
2. Use the termes "interested","I want" or "I'll take" for any items you'd like to purchase. This person has first dibs on the item. You may not say interested for a friend or someone else or "maybe" interested. If you do and someone else says they want it then they will be the one with first dibs. If the person passes then the person that has put "next" will be second & so on & so on. Do no private message the seller saying you'd like the item, this starts confusion with other interested buyers. If the first person interested does not contact the seller within 24 hours after stating they wanted the item the seller may then move on to the next person in line.
3. If the item you are posting you would like to get rid of as soon as possible, state that. Let everyone know you cant hold the item & you need it gone right away. This will allow faster selling and less questions.
4. If the item is a "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE" item you must put that in the title. If you don't then the first person "interested" is the person who should have first dibs.
5. Please put picture, description, price & any other info on the post so there are less questions. Also please put "FIRM" on item if you dont want lower offers.
6. Delete your posts once your items have been sold along with "items wanted" - "looking for" posts once you have found what you are looking for. If you can't do this message the admin to do it for you.
7. If you have posted the item on other sites, please let that be known.
8."Bump" your items once per week.
9.If you can post all your photos in an album, if you can't make an album, please put as many items in one photo as possible, or let people know what you have so they may message/text you for pictures.
10.If someone shows interest in your item and ask if you will take less $ for it and you accept that offer - you cannot go back and take a larger offer if the 2nd person offers the whole amount. If you want the highest offer, announce that in your post but once you agree to a price you may not change your mind.
11.Children items only.
12.No selling of any kind of Formula, trade or free only!
13. There will be no flipping of items allowed!
14. This being an Elk Grove group, please be willing to pickup and sell in Elk Grove...unless both parties are okay with otherwise.

NIB = New In Box or BNIB = Brand New In Box
NWT = New With Tags
OBO = Or Best Offer
BNWT = Brand New With Tags or NWOT = New With Out Tags
FS = For Sale
LTB = Looking to Buy or WTB = Willing To Buy
ISO = In Search Of
EUC = Excellent Used Condition
BUMP = Bring Up My Post
GU = Gently Used
EC = Excellent Condition