4am Cafe

台北東區咖啡廳, 每天營業, 從下午兩點到凌晨4點, 有好看的雜誌, 不一樣的音樂, 免費的無線上網。 空間明亮, 宜動宜靜, 而且而且, 有戶外的吸煙區. 地下室是個展場空間, 歡迎各界藝文人士來店展出作品, 形式不拘, 有任何問題來電找小葉即可.
From 2pm to 4am we offer you not only excellent coffee ,good magazines, great music, free internet service in a bright light space everyday in 4am Cafe and yes, we do have an outdoor smoking area. Wahaha.
Besides we have a basement for people who's interested in presenting their works in ANY forms. Contact Xiao Yeh for further informations.