Facebook Chat Sidebar In Any Window In GoogleChrome/FireFox/Opera

The advantages of this is you can have Facebook chat open in any window not just the facebook webpage, which I HATED when working/uni so I came up with this.


1. use chrome for facebook.
2. click on Chrome Settings >> Tools >> Extensions.
3. A page will open in new window. click on "Get More extensions".
4. Type in search box "Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler".
5. Install this add-on.
6. Refresh the facebook tab.
7. You will get your old chat list back.

Alternate Option: go to chrome-web store and directly install that add-on.


1. First open up Firefox and Ctrl+Shift+B to open the Bookmarks Organizer.

2. Go to Organize -> New Bookmark and type the following address:


Then tick the checkbox that says 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar'

(You can move this bookmark to 'Bookmarks Toolbar' if you want to open it with a click)

And thats it you're done!


Press F4 to open the Opera sidebar then just drag the link:


onto the Opera SideBar.

Enjoy! & Spread the word if you don't know this already.