KAΘ Grand Prix Team

Delt Grand Prix is our first annual fall philanthropy. It is a competitive tricycle race between houses. You are competing for 30% of what we raise and a traveling trophy that the winners will be able to have their house engraved on and keep until the next time we host Delt Grand Prix. There are two ways to sign up. The first is through the greek click link (you should already have it in your inbox), the second is a simple $10 donation (per person) and writing their name down on the sign up sheet given to you when we made our announcement. We will be picking up the sign-up sheets and $10 donations on Monday October 22nd. However, if people are going to sign up via greekbox, the link for that closes on Tuesday October 16th (because we have to give the company time to ship the tanks in time of the event).

This year we are raising money for the Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome (SANDS). Their goal is to give people with Down Syndrome the best quality of life they possibly can by funding aid, producing research on Down Syndrome, and providing several services to the families affected by Down Syndrome in the Southern Arizona area.

For every team that is formed, 2-3 Delts will be assigned as coaches to help you in any way possible! You will be able to practice with them, brainstorm ideas, and anything else you feel that they could help you with. Each house is able to form as many teams as you'd like! The more teams you create, the better chance you have of winning. It is definitely possible for the same house to take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in a race!

As far as the competition goes, we will be awarding 5 points per sign-up to the proper house (it doesn't matter if they sign up via greekbox or sign-up sheet).

To help our cause in raising awareness for Down Syndrome, we encourage you to hang banners on your shelter throughout the week of the philanthropy. On Thursday November 2nd, we will send our Executive Board to walk around and judge the banners based on Originality, Theme (grand prix), and the overall Visual Appeal. The scores will be averaged and the banner with the highest average will win the most points towards their house's score.

On Saturday, November 3rd, we will be hosting the actual tricycle races in the Zone 1 parking lot behind the Delta Tau Delta Shelter (Cherry and Speedway). There are three different kinds of races, but each kind has multiple heats and a final. The number of heats will depend on how many teams participate. The number of points awarded to your house will be directly related to the place you finish. Only Final Races Award Points, Heats Do Not.

1st Place - 100 points
2nd - 90
3rd - 80
5th- 60
6th - 50
7th- 40
8th - 30
9th - 20
10th - 10
11+ - 0

Circuit Race
The circuit race is a 3 lap speed race with just one driver. The driver should be the fastest racer from each house because she will be racing for points.

Relay Race
For this race, there should be teams of 5 people. Each person on the team MUST complete one lap. After the lap is completed, you immediately will switch drivers for another person to complete their lap. Fastest team to complete all 5 laps wins.

Obstacle Relay Race
This is the same as the Relay Race, but each house will have a designated part of the race track that they are able to alter however they'd like (put in obstacles, create a slalom part, hay bales, etc.). You should create something that may give your team an advantage because you will be good at it! Be creative!

This philanthropy event is a HUGE hit at our other chapters across the country and we are extremely excited to host it here for the first time!