Pets For Sale/Rehoming in the Croydon/Tandridge Area & Surrounding

This group is for anyone who has animals for sale or looking for a new home in the Croydon/Tandridge Area & Surrounding. You may also post pet supplies/equipment/accessories on this group.

* Please try to add your pictures into albums where possible. This makes it easier for you for bumping your posts as it's much easier to find an album than an individual pic.
* Please do not give out your personal information on the page. This is for your own safety and privacy. Please do this by private messaging only.
* Any inappropriate posts will be deleted and the member will be warned. If inappropriate behaviour continues that member will be banned.
* Bumping (putting bump under your post to move to top of the page) can only be twice every day to give everyone a fair chance.
* Under no circumstances may any member give another member any grief over the sale of their animal/s. Anyone found to be doing this risks being removed from the group without warning. Once you have been removed you will not be able to rejoin. If you have a problem or a concern, please contact ADMIN.

If you are re-homing, or selling an animal, please be responsible, and do some vital home checks:

* Check the new owners understanding/knowledge/experience of the husbandry requirements of the animal (dietary, health, vaccinations, neutering, micro-chipping, parasite control, exercise, enrichment), maybe provide a care sheet.
* Visit their home, to check that they are able to provide a suitable set up for the animal, with plenty of space.
* Find out about their lifestyle, and whether the animal would fit in (children, other animals, living situation, work schedule).
* Can they realistically afford the care (are they illegible for funding from the PDSA or other animal charities, will they take out insurance/health plan, or put money aside?).

These can be invasive questions, but if a potential owner cannot give a satisfactory answer, or prove that they have done research about the animal, they may not be the best responsible, or suitable owner. This is purely to benefit the animal, as it will effect it for the rest of it's life.

The new Act states that anyone responsible for an animal should take reasonable steps to ensure that the animal’s needs are met.

These needs include

* A suitable environment/place to live
* A suitable diet including fresh water
* The ability to exhibit normal behaviour
* Housed, as appropriate, either with or apart from other animals
* Protection from and treatment of pain, suffering, injury or disease

The new law increases to 16 the minimum age at which a person can buy an animal and prohibits giving animals as prizes to unaccompanied children under this age.

Anyone who is cruel to an animal, or does not provide for its welfare needs, may be banned from owning animals, fined up to £20,000 and/or sent to prison.