Guagua National Colleges

Welcome, GNCian.

This is a group for all the students or people who studied or studying in Guagua National Colleges.

Gentle reminders :

1. Do not excessively flood, spam, or otherwise harass members.
2. Do not submit links for fileshares that violate the global rules/hack sites.
3. Only constructive criticism will be accepted. Rude or offensive comments will result in a ban.
4. Please refrain from reposting. If possible, try to skim the board for threads pertaining to your topics/info that may have already been posted.
5. Pornography not allowed. Do not post nudes or photos depicting abuse. Violators will be issued permanent bans.

This board is for straight content.

Invite your friends to join here. Most especially GNCians. Alma Mater, GNC. : )