Justice for Herbie, the Abused Lorain, Ohio Dog

On Saturday, Dec 1, 2012 the Lorain Police received an anonymous tip that a badly injured dog was left on the tree lawn of an abandoned house. Officers arrived at the home, located at 816 West 11th Street to find a very emaciated and injured animal. The male dog was identified as a possible Pit or Pit mix. The police report is attached under "FILES" above. According to Patrolman Broz, "I observed a light brown dog, possibly a pit bull, lying in the grass. Every rib, vertebrae, and leg bone could be plainly observed beneath it's skin. I have never seen such an emaciated dog, still alive, in my career. A dog of this type should weigh around 75 or more pounds and this dog appeared to be around 25 to 30 pounds. The top of the dogs head was grotesquely swollen, apparently from an infected puncture wound, to nearly twice it's expected size. The swelling actually was forcing the dog's eye lids closed. Yellow-green purulent discharge was seen coming from both eyes."
THE GOAL OF THIS PAGE is to accept donations to offer a reward for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of this crime. We also want to raise awareness of the need for stricter laws imposed on those people who are guilty of animal neglect, abuse etc. Right now in the state of Ohio you can be punished worse for stealing your neighbors tires than for killing his dog. We want to push Nitros Law to the floor for a vote this month! Please go to NitroFoundation Nitro to see how easily you can help us achieve this. Join us also on Sunday for the Dog Walk parade (see Events).