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Post things for sale & [[include a price.]] When you find a buyer, arrange a meeting place between the two of you.
{{Administrators of group will not be responsible for ANY items sold. }}


***Update*** - This is a site to sell just about anything. No Firearms! Please don't post a lot of clothing on this site-if you have clothing,shoes, jewelry and shoes that is Name Brand post that on our" Name Brand Site". If it isn't name brand make an album if you are posting more then 3 items of clothing. When you get angry with us and tell us you don't like the site you will just remove yourself-you better do just that because we will be banned. No reason to be disrespectful to anybody.

1.Folders/posts older than 1 month, with no activity, will be removed. If your posts keep getting deleted, do not continue re-posting it...
2.Please let's not turn this site into a huge drama pool, if you have a problem you can message myself or Sheila Allen. 3. This isn't this like other sites, you can post as many pictures as you want but DON"T go post 10 pictures all at once. Make an album-We have not picture limit on making albums. If you can't make an album bc you are on your phone that is fine but give a little time in between posting pictures 4. Also, it goes to the first person that says "WANT". A person that "WANTS" has 12 hours to respond if they DO NOT respond move on to the next person. 5. No double postings of pictures-If you don't know how to find your pictures let us know we will be glad to help you. 6. Many aren't deleting their postings after it sells-many have been warned- Next time you be banned- it isn't fair for the admins to have to do all that work when you have a place to buy and sell your stuff.

Please respond to your post- TAG the person you are responding to by typing in their name on the comment box. If you aren't hearing back from a person message a admin or tag us- we don't want people on this site that aren't going to follow through when they say want.
This is a Joplin site- if you live somewhere else put that in your post. Also-it is up to the seller where the meeting place will be. If your items are on other sites put that as well.
We don't know of issues if you don't tell us, please communicate with us. We won't
kick you off for coming to us with a problem :-)