Atoka and Coalgate, OK Yard Sales

This is a Group to Buy Sell Trade and Advertise Your Items in Atoka and Coalgate OK Yard Sale!! Atoka and Coalgate OK Yard Sale is NOT Responsible for Any Transactions in This Group...

Limit posts to 5 items & only bump posts once every 24 hours! Once you delete one of the 5 items you have for sale then you can add another only to have up to 5 items at one time! If you have anymore they will be deleted without notice!

No cuss words, drama or illegal activity such as selling handguns or tattooing (unless licensed to do so!)!

No More before & After pics on the wraps, diet, skinny mini ads. Please save those for your own personal pages! They will be deleted & repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

Do Not post pictures of dead animals or animals that are abused, mutilated or show blood, etc.

Blocking admins will also get you removed from the group!

If you sell an item or an item is sold, please delete your post or ask an Admin to delete it for you.

Everyone is welcome to ask questions in the group too! If you just need help with a question, post away & get some answers! ;)

No posting of other groups in our group. If you think someone might be interested in your group, send them a friend request along with a message telling them so. Since this group is for buying, selling & trading just about anything, posts about other groups really wouldn't serve much of a purpose here. Thank you for understanding!

Let's make this a great group!!

■ When you post something for sale please list what city you are in or willing to meet in. This is not required but suggested. It will save some time for the buyer and seller and get your item sold faster!

■ Prices must be listed in the description of the item. Pictures that do not include a price or a description (clothes size) may be removed

■ PLEASE do not re-post something that you have previously listed in the group until you are certain it has been removed. If anyone has any questions about if their post has been removed, you can search your name in the group and your comments will show. If you are on mobile, ask someone to tag you in your post.

Thank you!

Maria & Phyllis