Spennymoor - What's happening?

This group is an information group for all people connected to the town of Spennymoor to promote events or clubs they belong to or even discuss, have a say or keep people informed about all things that are happening in their local community that matter to them and the wider Spennymoor Parish area.

Even though local businesses are welcome to join this group and advertise from time to time, please remember that this is not a selling group nor a local Yellow Pages. Any businesses found constantly spamming this group with their business advertisements will be removed.

Please remember that even though no subject is off topic and this group welcomes freedom of speech and expression, you can express it with out swearing or being insulting to another contributor. Please remember that people are entitled to hold a different opinion to yourself and express it. What one person finds offensive another might not!

Constructive criticism is welcomed, but this group is not to be used to moan for moaning sake, cause trouble, spread malicious rumours or to carry out a personal vendetta against any other individual or business.

The admins of this group will interpret all posts and responses to see if they conform to this group's rules and reserve the right to remove all posts that contravene the group's rules , along with the constant offender without notice.