On 21st January 2009, Glen Hyden was suspended by the Welcome Working (and non-working) Mens Club, Chadsmoor. This suspension will last two weeks.

Glen has been the victim of a campaign to slur his good character and slander his name.

It is alleged that, at some point this week, Glen urinated in the smoking shelter behind the club. We are sure that you will all find this hard to believe.

However, the true facts are that Glen, who is a stakeholder in Carling Lager, had absolutely no choice but to allow his bladder to be emptied there and then as he was "talking to someone". Clearly, he had good reason to take the said action and not walk the considerable distance of 10 yards to the gents.

Glen is said to be distraught at the decision. His legal team are working around the clock to see that his ban is extended for an even longer period.

Please send him your messages of support - and whatever you do - do not take the p*ss. We've had to take his out of the smoking shelter after all...