Xbox & Playstation Modding Community. (No Free Mods)

A group for all Xbox and PlayStation gamers and modders.. Get yo...ur mods here from trusted sellers and legit list members. No free mods. Message a ADMIN for the system type to get on legit list or to get legit list status for KV or CID sales. Message a owner to get Console Sales status.

Owner - Kyle Severson(Xbox)(US)
Co-Owner - Ben Kara(PlayStation)(UK)

ADMINS(Xbox Half/Playstation Half)
1.) Kyle Severson
2.) Jeff Dugay

1.) Ben Kara
2.) Mac Brunton
3.) Billy Bolton
4.) Brad Peters

1.) Kyle Severson
2.) Jeff Dugay
3.) Nick Brown
4.) Skyler Davis

1.) Ben Kara
2.) Mac Brunton

1.) Adam Linder(KV)

1.) Ben Kara(PS3 Jailbreak/Downgrade Service)(UK)
2.) Joshua Long (Xbox RGH Install/Seller)(US)

*Group Rules*
1.) NO FREE MODS! It costs modders a decent amount of money to keep their RGH and Jailbreak online. Support the modders time and investment and purchase mods. BE SURE TO MAKE SURE SELLER IS LEGIT AND ON LEGIT LIST OR A TRUSTED SELLER. Not sure? Ask around.. We will in no way be responsible for scams that take place. Legit List is for a reason.
2.) Be respectful of other members and the administration team. If you can dish out the bullshit be prepared to take it. Treat others with respect. Any disrespect of any kind towards admin team can result in a permanent ban. If you have problems with another person take it into P.Ms. No drama in this group
3.) To protect our members ALL sellers must post picture proof of either of the following when selling mods,
*Picture, name, and time stamp on modded console
*Pictures of mod menus with name and time stamp
*Live Video of Modding Session with time stamp
*In game proof with Admin for verification
Any member posting without these will be warned.. if problem persists a permanent ban will occur.
4.) No posting links to any other website of any kind, Any member posting Porn,Malware,Rats,etc will be permanently banned.
5.) All KV and CID sellers CANNOT sell any of these in this group without legit list status. This protects members from buying bunk or shared KV'S or CID'S.
6.) NO POST BASHING/JACKING. Being in groups for a long time i see this happen allot. Don't bash someone else's post. Don't jack a post. If a seller has a sale post, don't comment and advertise your sale.