Blog Spot for Young Moms!

This is a blog in which I have created within Facebook, to HELP us young moms, 25 and younger. I created this group because when I was pregnant, 15 years old and a sophomore in High School I didn't have a group of girls like this to turn to. I only want to help and get you the advice you need. To help you and your experience viewing this page, here are some rules to live by and to follow here:

- Treat others the way you would like to be treated
- Share your opinion, but remember yours is not the only opinion
- Help, lend advice, share your stories, relate, bond

Feel free to add your friends who are young moms and have them enjoy our fun page and get the advice they need!

Remember to be respectful, and not disrespect myself and my page.

I read every post and every comment.

If there is a problem, Please tell me don't post a status about it, or make a post on the page. I can take care of it.

If there is a continuation of problems with a single person, they will be deleted. Please don't make that happen though, I want everyone to get the help and advice they need!

I am ALWAYS OPEN to talk to, relate to, ask for advice from, no matter what time, if you have a question, I'll find the answer, if you just need to talk, I can talk to you, If your baby is due the day after tomorrow and you dont have a car seat, I will find you a car seat!

I only want the best for this page ladies, help me make that happen.

My email:
[email protected]

My Facebook name to message:
Whitney Kay Temple

Remember you are ALL beautiful, and all important, you are all MOMS.