Go Green

Administrators are Maureen Haley & Devon Holm
Please Don`t Repor...t Spam from Posts made by
the Administrators of this Group. I (Devon) was locked out of FB for 3 weeks. If this happens again I will delete all members except for a handful of those whom I trust to be real Bernie/Jill
Focus the blame on the Billionaire Corporate coup who have bought out both sides of the aisle.
This is our Policy/Motto here.
(United we will win, divided we fall) In other words, do not cause division in this group.
Yes we do need to be made aware that the Billionaire Corporations/Wall Street/Weapons Industry/Fossil Fuel Industry/pharmaceutical Industry/ Prisons Industry/ect, have infiltrated our government in a Corporate/Coup take over of our government and they have done it by funding campaigns and buying off a lot of our elected officials. This we need to know, because a vote for anyone who represents these Corporate Forces is a vote for the continued Treachery against the citizens of America!
So anything that is educational will be permitted anything offensive will not be allowed...Please try to keep focused on a way out of this mess! Much love and gratitude to you all! <3
#GoGreen #JillNotHill #LoveTrumpsFear #WeLuvUBernie #OurRevolutionContinues #WeWillNeverYield