Rabbit Lovers Australia

Rabbit Lovers Australia is a fun, non-judgemental community for sharing photos, anecdotes, asking questions about health, etc.

Rule #1: BE KIND to your bunnies, AND each other, regardless of how each person acquired his/her bunnies. (Some people choose to adopt, some have bought their bunnies at pet shops and others might breed bunnies as a hobby. We're all here for our shared love of bunnies, not for making political statements.)

Rule #2: No ads selling bunnies, please. There are other pages for that. We do, however, support notifications of bunnies needing adoption.

Rule #3: If you block an admin, you will be immediately removed from the group. We occasionally need to moderate posts and blocking an admin leaves us with no choice other than booting that member out.

Now, post your bunny pics and let's share anecdotes in a supportive and fun way!