59 Holley's: March Madness 2013 Bracket Pool

March Madness is upon us people! Me and the boys of 59 Holley have started an exclusive $10 bracket pool. One bracket per person. The $10 buy-in will be turned in by TBD. Money will be done hand-to-hand, so there is no electronic submissions. Winnings will be dispersed accordingly:

1st place: (pending pot size)
2nd place:(pending pot size)
3rd place:(most likely will just get their money back)

This group is still in the works considering we have a couple weeks until conference tourneys are underway. After selection Sunday there will be a link posted in the group to a site that I feel has the best online bracket (most likely ESPN or CBS). This way we can see a leaderboard and see everyones picks. I will let everyone know the date the brackets and money are due, but i just wanted to at least get the group started today. Any questions or if you know anyone else that would be interested in joining the pool leave a comment or shoot a text to me at 315-415-6725.