Iowa autos, auto parts, car audio, electronics, and tools for sale group

As this group keeps getting bigger we are getting more and more people selling items and looking for items so just so everyone knows this is what you are allowed to sell here. You can sell all types of electronics, you can sell auto parts any where from motorcycles and moped parts to semi truck parts, you can also sell your vehicles, and your "toys" that have motors in them, you can sell farm equipment, you can sell sporting goods, you can trade items off, and also if you see spam posts please forgive us as admins we don't all have the time to go through all the requests to add people to this group and look through their profiles so if you see spam just report it. The things we will not allow on this site are clothes, animals, baby items, car dealers, spammers, make up and also another very big rule IF you think you have the right to harass members on here for the items you sell or if we hear of anyone getting ripped off we will not atone to this lightly. We thank everyone and I as the creator of this page for everyone who has helped make this what it has become and further most hope everyone has a good time on here. GOOD LUCK SELLING!!!