Kim Weeks Memorial Funds (Account #1641 0485 5880 at Bank of America)

Thank you EVERYONE from the bottom of our hearts for helping donate to this fund! We have collected $5,500 so far! This is amazing! We are paying for the services this week, so anyone that is plannig on donating, please do so now. There's been ideas by others for fundraising as in car washes, bake sales, and others. Now is the time to step up and take action. Any costs for this saturday's service that we were not able to collect for by this saturday will be taken out of pocket. The memorial account will continue to be open for 2 more weeks after this saturdays service and the funds will be used to reimburse these out of pocket expenses. Any little bit helps, a lil from everyone will add up! Start your own collection even-ask all your friends and family to donate $1-$5. Together we can make a big difference! You know Kim would do it for you and your family! Any Bank Of America-Name of account: The Kim Weeks Memorial Fund, Account #:1641 0485 5880. Questions-I'm happy to help-call or text me. Crystal (480) 287-2676