Ehsas clinic addiction and psychological treatment centr
Ehsas Clinic: Addiction and Psychological treatment center is a place where pain is met with compassion, fear is met with reassurance, and anger is met with understanding.

Kindly go through the guidelines thoroughly. This will help you to post appropriate context and gain required help.
Welcome to the Group!
Ehsas Clinic: Addiction and Psychological Treatment Center warmly welcomes you all in the group where the first and far most purpose is “Recovery”.
You or anyone you know who is suffering from substance dependence and abuse is at the right place. The Ehsas Clinic Group offers its services for all those who need help and want to have a sober life. We follow the 12 Steps Spiritual Program and assure that if this program is followed whole heartedly, with dedication and sincerity, one can quit drugs , one can live a sober life, one can live in recovery and can feel free from the dependency of any addiction.
We address and discuss both chemical and nonchemical (behavioral) addictions. You can share your experiences regarding the disease of addiction, the damages it caused to you, your sufferings as well as occupational, psychological and spiritual issues. We also strive to help for all mental and psychological problems.
Using addicts asking for help, recovering addicts on their path of recovery and the knowledgeable and honorable health care professionals, please show your generosity and genuineness as “we believe in taking help and giving help”.

Everyone who posts or comments, respect others at the forum.
All Facebook rules regarding conduct and speech are in effect in this group. You may be prohibited or expelled from the group for the following reasons:
* If you are not here to offer or receive help with substance abuse or any psychological disturbances or disorders, instead, your purpose is to endorse your own or any other agenda
* If you engage in xenophobic (racialist), troublesome o discourteous attitude or speech
* If you block any of the group's administrators
* If you post unauthentic, irrelevant or offensive pictures or video (Strictly enforced rule)
* If you post links for advertisement or promotion purpose (Strictly enforced rule)
* If you post links or pictures in the comments that are totally irrelevant and therefore becomes a hurdle in an ongoing discussion
* If you are seeking personal messages or private contacts or starting personal conversations in the group
*If you are intending to troll for chaos and anarchism in the group discussions and post or comment for the purpose of controversial, intentionally provoking or abhorrent arguments. Such unsophisticated, unsafe, detrimental and irritable attempts will not be tolerated at any cost.
You can contact the administrators of the group in case you feel or suspect any other member’s actions or attempts.
Please abide by the rules, make the Ehsas Clinic Group healthy, obliging and comfy group to visit.

Thank you!