LEBANON & TUNISIA: Rebirth of the Phoenicians

Dear fellow Lebanese and Tunisians,

From Lebanon to Tunisia,
From Tyre to Carthage,

Our ancestors:

1- Queen Elissa, set sail from Lebanon - known as "Switzerland of the East" - to Tunisia; the green '' Tunis il Khadra'', bringing into being a unique and passionate intertwinement across history between two shores of the same Mediterranean sea!

2- And Hannibal the Great, who famously was called "Father of Strategy" for his visionary conduct of warfare, led the Carthaginian army across the Alps in what would be known as the most monumental military feasts in ancient history and defeated the Romans!

Let's share our immemorial and time-honored heritage on this forum and have fun at the same time!

God bless the descendants of the Phoenicians!