East Valley GIRLS ITEMS Only (Baby & Kids)

I am super excited to have a girls only site for buying and selling!

This group is to buy and sell GIRL ITEMS ONLY for babies & kids in the Arizona East Valley (Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa etc.)
Please only post girly items. Boy, gender neutral and items that are not girl related will be removed.

1. Please be respectful and courteous of each other.
2. Buying: If you are interested, please state "interested" or "next." If you pass, please let the seller know quickly so they may move on to the next person.
3. Selling: Listings must include a PICTURE of the actual item, LOCATION, PRICE and if the item is CROSS POSTED. If the listing states "OBO" it indicates best offer below the asking price.
4. Anyone trying to outbid or intentionally skip a buyer will be removed. Please buy and sell with integrity. :)
5. Sellers, there is not a certain amount of time you must wait before moving onto the next person in line but keep in mind members may be at work or have other things going on and may not be able to respond immediately.
6. Buyers, keep in mind that sellers likely want to sell their item quickly so please stay on top of your inquiries as well.
7. The sale of recalled items is not permitted.
8. Please delete your listing once the item has sold. If you are unable to delete your post you can tag me and indicate that your post needs to be removed.
9. Only bump your items every 3 days so that everyone items have a chance to be seen.
10. No advertising.
11. All non-girl items will be deleted without notice. Please don't take it personally :)

Always, take caution when dealing with anyone that you are not familiar with. All transactions done on this page are at your own risk.

Thank you!