Celebration of Life - Peter Holroyd Wragg - ( 1952 to 2001)

I can't believe that it's been 11 years ago since dad joined the big festival in the sky!!!Time goes so quick. Over the years the kids have asked about their grandad, what kind of person he was and whether he remembers them. My first son Wesley was 6 months old when he passed away. He never had the chance to actually meet his grand daughters Lowenna and Tegan but I know that he would have been so overjoyed and proud of them all! Like most parents, I have told them he loves them very much, that he has gone to a better place and all they have to do is look for the brightest star, that he watches over them always. This may sound a tad strange, but so many people have shared memories, stories, thoughts and prayers over the years .... I would love it if we could share those in 1 place, so that 1 day Wesley, Lowenna and Tegan have something to look back on and to give them someidea of the kind of man he was. Some people keep photo albums, scrap books ..... in this day and age, facebook seems to be a good way of getting together and sharing ;) It would mean so much if you could spare a few minutes to share anything at all xxx This is a closed group, so only we can read it and when the time is right I will share it with his gorgeous grandchildren xxxx Thankyou