Cleburne County online yard sale.

Cleburne County Alabama online yard sale is for people in Cleburne County such as Heflin, Ranburne, Fruithurst, Hollis, and any where in between. We welcome everyone.

But we do have some rules:

Rule #1. You can't sell anything that is dirty--and I don't mean mud dirty.

Rule #2. You can sell anything else you want.

Rule #3. You can ask any price you want. It's your stuff, you can get what you think it is worth.

Rule #4. BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rule #5. No swear words!!!!!!

Rule #6. Only bump every 24 hours.

Rule #7. If you have more than 3 items, then put them in a album.

Rule #8. This is a drama free yard sale. Zero tolerance. Both individuals will be deleted.

Rule #9. Please be respectful of all members.

Rule #10. Be considerate of all members. If you are going to meet someone for an item, meet them. SHOW UP!!! If you can't make it please try to contact them.

If anyone breaks the rules- they will be deleted. Thank you for reading the rules.