45nm Cs 1.6

Hosted Server IP's :-

|45nm| Public GS # 1 :-

|45nm| Matching GS # 2 :- under process

Team Speak Server # under process

Welcome to the Official 45nm Cs1.6 community group
One of the Best online gaming experience for our users in Pakistan and UAE
Invite your all friends and enjoy your stay with us :)

Server Rules:-
No Hacks allowed!
No cheating !
No abusive words in the server
Respect other members
Respect and cooperate with Server admins
No Advertisement or any kind of links in the sv

Note: If you see anyone against the above mentioned rules then kindly report it us

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░░░░░░ CS Admins░░░░░░
► 45nm-Flash

► 45nm- | 'suGaRRR*

► Eden Hazard -,^
░░░░░░░Group Admins░░░░░
Bilal Khan

Need Admins

Note: Dont advertise or misbehave in the group or you will be kicked out!