West Texas Oilfield Jobs

post job openings in the oilfield in west texas and eastern new mexico, a general "oilfield community forum" .......**FRIENDLY GROUND RULES**
- No negativity will be tolerated. We are here in this group to help one another. If you don't have something constructive to say, don't say it. Doing so will get you permanently banned.
- Inappropriate comments towards women, other nationalities, or racist comments will not be tolerated. This is not the old school oilfield anymore. Women supervise, people come from all over the world for the same opportunities that Americans have, and our country is a melting pot. Respect towards each and EVERY member WILL be shown. There are several of us Admins. Two of us are women, and one is a foreign national, and ALL of us will help anyone that needs help.
- Please do not be a grammar Nazi. Be patient. Not everyone has the same education that you may have, and English may not be their primary language.
- Do try to be professional. We do have employers among our members. "Yo dawg hit me up on dat job I dun calld u n shit" is not going to get a good response for you. Neither is "I n33d a j0b".
- Take some time and read through the past postings. We have a ton of great information on here.
- We are all adults here, and there's no need for the group to have us Admins as babysitters. We do try to go through the posts to contribute and help out. If anyone sees an issue going on with a post, please tag one of us admins, or shoot us a message, and we will address it.
Thanks for being a part of West Texas Oilfield Jobs!