Electric Fox "Tit For Tat"

Electric Fox Tattoo is working to empower other women by launchi...ng a campaign to help breast cancer survivors with the final stages of emotional healing.

Tattoo artists and shop owners, AmberMarie Tomson and Holly Nichole have launched their “Tit for Tat” campaign, which offers FREE! reconstructive tattoos of the nipple and areola area for any person whose mastectomy surgeries have left them without.

Reconstructive surgeries on mammary tissue recreate the look and feel of breast tissue; however, the natural pigmentation difference is not something that surgery can recreate. Hospitals sometimes offer basic tattoo services, but the area lacks shading – resulting in a flat, unrealistic look.

Tattoo artists AmberMarie Tomson and Holly Nichole have over 7 years of experience with different artistic techniques that create a 3dimensional effect and mimic the appearance of a natural breast.

Perhaps because of the intimate placement of mastectomy scars, cosmetic tattooing is hard to come by. Many survivors have had to travel to the east coast to have their pigmentation restored for a large fee!! The emotional toll is something that artists Amber Marie and Holly Nicole hope to ease with their artistry. Amber Marie summed up the shop’s intentions,

The campaign will offer nipple and areola reconstruction for free and 50% off for designs to cover the entire breast area.

“Tit for Tat” will run, “until our fingers fall off,” said Tomson. “Or every survivor is made to feel whole again.”