Mandeville/Covington Furniture Only Swap

Mandeville/Covington Furniture Only Swap is a place for people helping people...get rid of and search for great deals on FURNITURE PIECES only. Please delete your posts when an item is sold or given away. Thanks! :)

RULE 1 - If you state that you WANT an item and the seller agrees to sell it to you, please respond back to the seller within 48 hrs, that way they can schedule a time when you can get it. If they don't hear from you, they have the freedom to sell it to the next person in line.

RULE 2 - Out of common courtesy, please DON'T TRY TO OUTBID OTHERS ahead of you on an item. Wait patiently in line for an item to become available. Even if you are friends with a seller, don't assume that you can jump in and ignore others that might be waiting. I want to keep this group clean and friendly.

RULE 3 - Please don't forget to delete sold items. To keep the page clean it is a GROUP effort. If you don't have time to delete your sold items, then we ask you find other avenues to sell so we can keep this page orderly :)

RULE 4 - If someone is interested in the item and has questions about it, don't assume that you can just jump in and buy it. They are still 1ST IN LINE and get to decide if they want to go ahead and purchase the item or not.

RULE 5 - Once you agree with a seller that you want the item and are setting up a time to pick it up, don't try to ask less for the item. Especially when you are are their house picking it up. All sales must be agreed on the site, so that way if they want to decline to reduce the price, they can still continue to sell it to the next person in line right away.

RULE 6 - An item can only be bumped every 24 hrs. We have many items being listed every day, and if an item that not selling gets bumped frequently, new listing get moved to the bottom very quickly.

RULE 7 - If your item is listed on another site please state that in your description. You can say something like, "This item is also listed on Craigslist and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis." This is just so that the people commenting on your post here know that there are other people looking at the item.

RULE 8 - If your item has sold but has not been picked up you may leave the item up until it is picked up. Simply state, "SOLD. Pending Pick Up."

RULE 9: FLASH SALE - If you need to sell the item quickly type FLASH SALE and then the description. The item will go to the person who commits to meeting you to buy the item first. Seller - please include a very detailed description so that there are not many questions that need to be asked regarding the item.

RULE 10: This page is for furniture ONLY no business post or any other unrelated post are allowed. All non furniture post will be deleted by admins once seen.