Generation of Deborah

'TOOTH' DECAY! Permit me to share a lady's painful experience with her tooth with you!
This lady was so used to chewing gums, eating chocolates, taking sweets etc; to the extent that they are always found in her mouth and bag! She felt that was the best way to keep her mouth busy and prevent stale breath, especially at work; never knew that she was also damaging her tooth! After a while, she started having some pains in her upper tooth, unknown to her that a hole has already been formed in that tooth. Instead of rushing to a dentist, she kept managing it, got some pills to relieve her of the pains. Even though, it prevented her from chewing/eating with that side of the mouth, it didn't totally stop her from eating chocolates and gums; she was so addicted to them! She went on with this for over a year, with the hole in the tooth getting bigger and decaying, thereby causing mouth odour. Wasn't she meant to rush to the dentist? NO! She decided to get one of the most expensive toothpaste to curb the odour by brushing thrice a day...This she did for another one year! By the end of the second year, she couldn't curtail it anymore; the odour could not be controlled, the pains increased, with the very big hole in the tooth! This was when she decided to visit a dental clinic. The dentist on examining the tooth, blamed her for taking this long before coming. He said, if she had come earlier when the hole was still small, it would have been cleaned, treated and just filled; but at this stage, the solution is to undergo a minor surgery and get the decayed tooth removed so as to prevent further damage! She had no other choice, than to undergo the surgery! It was a painful experience for her...she cried and vowed never to have anything to do with gums and 'others'! Finally, the decayed tooth was removed! Now, she feels better, no mouth odour again; but with a 'gap' in her tooth! That experience has made her wiser, she doesn't even get close to 'sweeteners' anymore; instead she makes sure she brush her mouth properly in the morning, and at work, keep her mouth busy with carrots, or sliced cucumber, or any other fruit...that she said is better! She now advices and beg those who are also addicted to all these 'sweet things' to please stop. She said: "It's better imagined than experienced"! Isn't this the same for some so-called Christians? There is already a 'decay' in their spiritual life, but they have resolved to patch it up, instead of getting rid of it? Or probably they are still enjoying those 'sweet things'; the 'little lie, little pleasure, little lust, little romance, little kiss, little porn videos, little stealing, little pride, little wearing of worldly attires/indecent clothes (gradually exposing the sensitive parts and feel it doesn't matter anymore?), little avoidance of personal prayers, little deviation from personal Bible study'; and you feel since you are still 'bouncing', since you still officiate in the church, since you still pray and answers come, since there are no 'pains in the tooth' yet; you are okay and still on 'fire'? NO! Don't be deceived! Even when you turn off a ceiling fan, it still keep spinning for a while; but definitely spinning to a halt...Because the power is off, gradually the rolling fan also stops! Haven't you also lost the power of God, but just still spinning and gradually getting to ground zero? Ah, isn't there already a 'hole' that's been formed; and all the spiritual gifts, glory, power, grace, already leaking? Aren't you already producing 'sinful odours' instead of God's fragrance of holiness? Won't you attend to this now??? For those who turn the grace of God into lasciviousness and deny the Lord Jesus Christ; unto them is reserved "the blackness of darkness forever. The endless night of their doom shall never be relieved by a single star of hope". My beloved brothers/sisters, just like the chewing of gums by the sister in our above story, didn't negate the fact that a hole exist in the tooth; so also your activities/service for God, can't cover up for your sinful deeds! Now that she had to remove the decayed tooth, and a gap was created, isn't it obvious to everyone that she once had a problem with her tooth? So also beloved, you can't hide for so long, that sin will find you out if you fail to repent! So many activities in our church today, but no revival, no transformation; WHY? Because the 'Power is off'! The devil most times, wait to get a once-vibrant believer, to a state of spiritual weakness, so as to strike; won't you let God pardon and strengthen you now before a great damage is done to your life and ministry? Even though the 'hole' is already big and has to be removed, isn't it better than to be lost eternally? That 'decayed tooth' won't make you function where God has positioned you...Attend to it now, don't wait for that painful experience in hell; there'll be no second chance then! RUN NOW to the 'Divine Dentist' who has the power to remove the 'bad tooth', and give you a brand new one; He is waiting for you...God can revive and empower you once again, He can help you to be spiritually active again...It is not too late to start over with Him! Let's examine our lives...let the Holy Spirit do the 'search'! HOLINESS WITHIN and WITHOUT according to God's standard! Without HOLINESS, no man(woman, boy, girl, Pastor, Church member, Chorister, Usher, Facebook Evangelist etc) shall see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14).
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