Jamberry NAS and Trading Page!

Welcome to Jamberry NAS and Trading Page! You can share your ideas and get opinions, purchase NAS designs from other consultants if you aren't NAS savvy, or trade wraps (NAS or regular!). You can also ask any questions you may have about NAS in the group and I can try to help! (:

This group is for Jamberry Consultants ONLY!

Within 48 hours of being approved you must post your Jamberry site link on the pinned post and agree to the rules post pinned to the top of the page.

Due to the fact that jamberry does NOT allow other consultants to profit off of each other, transactions are to be via gift cards purchased through your personal site and the code transferred to the purchasing consultant. (Ex. $25-1 $40-2 $60-3 etc). Each consultant reserves the right to charge $25 for each sheet and does not have to offer 2 or more for $20 each.

PayPal may only be used for recouping the costs of ONHAND wraps only. If it is used for purchasing, you may only charge the cost AFTER your commission is deducted.

*the admins of this site are not liable for any loss of money due to another consultant and will try to make the page safe and reliable for trades and purchases.
*admins also reserve the right to report any unfair selling or profit to jamberry compliance after 3 warnings.