Old Folly Beach SC

Group is open to all who love Folly, who have memories, young and old. Those that remember shagging on the Pier, Smoak's Floats, the Boardwalk, the Pavilion, seeing Ghost Crabs in the hot sands, surfing contests, skate boarding on the streets, and enjoying a cold beer on a hot Saturday afternoon. Remember the town before it was over commercialized and homes became almost as big as the lots. When everyone knew everybody and the streets were safe for kids to roam from the west end to the east end with long walks on the sand, over the groins and down to the Coast Guard Station. When the Atlantic House was enjoyed by all as a ghost house and then a restaurant. The good old days of Folly.

You didn't really have to live on Folly to love it there. Welcome all who cherish memories there and wish for it to always be the place our memories want to reside.