MRS Cookbook - special diet recipes and ideas

Let's share are favorite recipes and good food ideas for special dietary needs.

In our family, we have a variety of specialty needs including:

**gluten free
**dairy free
**corn free
**soy free
**preservative free
**chemical free

Any meal often includes a couple versions of the same thing to accommodate everyone in the family.

We have been testing out recipes and specialty ingredients for over 15 years and have learned a lot. Today, there are many great websites and ingredients that didn't exist when we started this food adventure!

One of my daughters started a cool blog with recipes all compiled into one place. But then she lost the login information.

So please share your thoughts, comments, ideas and recipes.

When posting recipes and ingredients, please include the source of the recipe (i.e. the url of the recipe and/or your grandma's kitchen, as they apply) as well as any brand-specific ingredients.

We want to credit everyone who deserves crediting AND we have discovered that all ingredients are NOT the same. In fact, a specific brand can make or break a recipe.