Iron Kinsmen - Arlington Chapter

A BROTHERHOOD that is first and foremost founded in the blood of... Christ and bound by the loyalty of love.

“Vita ex Mortem”
A name that pays homage to the role iron plays in our lives and in our faith. Strangers have become friends based on the common bond of motorcycling. Friends have become brothers, become family (kinsmen), because we share the same saving bloodline in Christ.
IRON — Iron is the allegorical imagery of our strength as a brotherhood, and as Christian men. It is also the composition metal of the nails and spear at the Crucifixion where our faith was born through Christ’s death and victory. Iron is also the metal of our motorcycle engines; motorcycling being the way of life we have chosen that binds us together, and allows us to be messengers of God’s word out on the open road. Iron alludes to how we minister to one another: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man does another.”
KINSMEN — An anthropological term for a family sharing the same bloodline. We are brothers, kinsmen, and our shared bloodline is the blood of Christ. As brothers we counsel, live, laugh, ride and pray together by the blood that joins us together, and makes us family.
Vita ex Mortem is a Latin phrase meaning “Life from Death“. For more than 1,000 years of the growth of the Christian church, the Bible was written in Latin. The chosen language pays homage to the early church. Life from Death defines our faith; from Christ’s death came rebirth and new life for every believer. For many if not most of the brotherhood, our lives started anew when we became Christians.